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Overtemp Marine Dockside Heat Exchanger service has been descaling Yachts and Ships since 2008 and is the industry leader in cooling systems descaling, our Closed Loop Process ensures all Engine Marine Exchangers/ Coolers, Transmission, Aftercoolers and Heat Exchangers are factory clean.

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Yacht captains listen up. James from overtemp marine will knock 5 to 8 degrees off your operating temp with a non invasive chemical flush. Service includes zincs. He'll also do your generator and Ac condenser while he's about it

Captain Mark Alexander

What clients have to say

Thanks for the recent service on our CAT C30 engines. We realized about a 5 degree temp drop on each, it was well worth it. Please feel free to use my name as a reference for anyone in doubt about your services. Thanks again!

Captain Dean McInnis James

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