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Overtemp Marine Started out of Necessity in 2007 as a Captain of a 54 Hatteras Sportfish with C30 Caterpillars with 300 Hundred Hours at the time I could not understand why I was running Hot, Impellers were good with no restrictions in the Salt Water System And I had Just Changed the Cat Extended Life Coolant So At 1850 RPM’s our The Engine was 194 Degrees. The Engines were still in Warranty so if Teardown was needed It would not cost us anything but Time. The Summer Season is so short in the Northeast and August is the worst time you want to have a probelm so after long discussions with Caterpillar Engineers they said why dont you try a Biodegragable Marine Industrial Descaler they asurred me that this is not a caustic acid and would not affect my Gaskets, Hoses, Seals, Or Engine Part’s.  I had not heard of this chemical before and I felt I had nothing to lose by trying. I knew I wanted to go as close to the Seacock as possable so I bought a Impeller cover and made it so I could circulate the chemical by also removing the hose off the exhaust riser and completing the closed loop system I circulated the chemical for four hours in each engine and when I took the boat for a Sea Trial both my Engines were back in Spec 188 at 1850 RPM’s I had lost 6 degrees No Down Time One Day Service. I told some Friends about my Sucess and word spread on the Dock and in no time I was being asked to do another boat a 60 Hatteras with C30’s Also. This boat had over 1500 Hours and moved all of the time spending the summers fishing alot of Tournaments and migrating to Treasure Key, Bahamas in the winter I completed the service and the Engines lost 5 degrees so with my Successes and Reliable Chemical I decided to go into The Dockside Heat Exchanger Cleaning Business purchasing a Trailer and setting it up so I would be able to travel to customers and it has been a sucess with Many Happy Customers up and down the East Coast. They say Necessity is the mother of invention and in my case it is true.

– Captain James Heise


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